Summer Reading Instructions

Uxbridge High School’s summer reading will again take the form of 45-minute student/staff book discussions held in September.

UHS staff have selected both fiction and nonfiction titles in a variety of genres, and have listened to your suggestions of titles, authors, and genres that you want to read. No matter what you think makes a book great, you should be able to find a great book on this list.

Over the summer, you only need to do two things:
  • Read your book. All of these books are available from bookstores and the C/W MARS library system. The Uxbridge Free Public Library will have copies of summer reading options available in the Young Adult area. If the book you want to read this summer is checked out, you can place a hold online or in person and another local library will send them a copy for you.
  • Keep a journal. The format is up to you, as long as it helps you to prepare for the discussion. You should record any quotes you want to discuss and your thoughts on the characters, themes, and book as a whole. There are guiding questions on the Journal Ideas tab.

After participating in the discussion and turning in a copy of your journal at the discussion group, you will receive up to 2 extra credit points that you can apply to your first quarter grade in one class; you earn 1 point for demonstrating that you read your book in the discussion, and 1 point for fulfilling the journal requirement. Participation in the summer reading program is required, and will appear as a pass/fail grade on your report card.

Enjoy your summer reading; we look forward to hearing your thoughts in September! If you have any questions, talk to Ms. Charpentier (