Journal Ideas

The format of your journal is up to you; these questions should help you get started thinking about your book if you need a jumping off point. Feel free to take down any questions you want to discuss or observations you want to share about your book; the more you bring with you to Discussion Day, the better the discussion will be!

For all books:
  • What themes did the author focus on? How did the author highlight them? Did you agree with the author's views?
  • Could you relate to the characters? Would you ever want to meet any of them?
  • Did this book change your views on any of the topics it addressed? Do you have a new understanding or awareness of something you hadn't thought about before you read this book?
  • How would you describe the author's style? 
  • What was unique about this book? What have you seen before in other books you've read?
  • What genre is your book? Did it push the boundaries of that genre in any way?
  • What did you expect from this book before you started reading it? After reading it, how did it compare to your expectations?
  • What did you like about this book? What didn't you like about it?
  • Would you recommend this book to others? If yes, who do you think would like it? If no, why?

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